Ram Rebel Audio Upgrade

The Vehicle Specific Enclosure fits perfectly under the rear seat of this Ram, giving this client plenty of Bass while staying out of the way. A pair of Audio Control Amplifiers mounted to the back wall of the truck, are tucked away taking up no space. This client came to us [...]

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SWC Takes Home New Awards From Dallas

Sound Wave Customs had An amazing year at this years Mobile Electronics Industry Awards in Dallas! We are proud to take home Retailer of the Year - Runner Up along with Performance Award for Best Online Presence! A huge thank you to all who support us, help us grow and continue to support us in [...]

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Sound meets safety, with hands-free control. Play music and use your smartphone on the road, just by talking This double-din AV center connects with your Apple or Android™ handset for effortless voice control while you drive. Built-in 4 x 55 W amplification delivers clear sound that you can customize to your liking.   [...]

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Remote Car Starter – Volkswagen and Audi 2006+

VW2410A - IDATASTART - VW2, 2-WAY/1 MILE SYSTEM iDataStart VW2 is the industry’s first complete remote start solution designed for select Volkswagen and Audi models 2006 and up. Includes a 1-Mile 2-Way remote and 'plug & play' t-harness for seamless, 'no cut' installation. NO KEY REQUIRED* for immobilizer bypass. IDATASTART - VWX, FACTORY KEY SYSTEM [...]

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Car Alarm System

Choosing a Car Alarm System Whether you live in a shady neighborhood, or you just do not entirely trust the suburbs, installing a car alarm system can mean the difference between bouts of unsettled worry and a good night’s sleep. Choosing a car alarm system means you are opting to protect yourself, your loved ones, [...]

Top Reasons for Window Tinting

Why Opt for Window Tinting? Some people may decide to tint their windows simply because it looks good. While tinted windows can add that extra flare to your ride, many people are not aware of the functional benefits of vehicle window tinting. Reduce Heat to Stay Cool Window tinting is great because it blocks out [...]

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