Choosing a Car Alarm System

Whether you live in a shady neighborhood, or you just do not entirely trust the suburbs, installing a car alarm system can mean the difference between bouts of unsettled worry and a good night’s sleep.

Choosing a car alarm system means you are opting to protect yourself, your loved ones, your vehicle and all of your belongings stored inside of it. These are all excellent reasons to invest in a car alarm.

Additionally, most insurance companies offer lower rates for vehicles equipped with an alarm.

Operating your System

A good car alarm system makes your car more difficult to steal or be broken into. But, it can also makes life easier. The small remote control that you carry with your keys has multiple purposes. Arm and disarm the alarm. Lock and unlock the car doors and even open and close the trunk.

Some systems even allow you to use your smartphone to control and monitor your car’s security.

Learn your new car alarm system. Make sure you know how to use it properly. In a typical security system, press the button on the remote to arm your vehicle before leaving. You will hear your doors lock along with a small chirp. If you don’t close all doors entirely you will be alerted with a different noise.

When someone decides to tamper with your vehicle, the first thing they’ll notice is a flashing LED light. If that doesn’t send the thief packing, they will get a warning chirp or a full siren blast depending on the severity of force.

The remote can be used to disarm the system. It can also be used to sound the alarm if you cannot find your vehicle or if someone is threatening you. This feature is particularly beneficial for women.

Be sure to learn all of the different controls and warning sounds of your alarm system before operating.

Additional Features

Additional features to look for include:
• Two-way remotes
• Starter kill
• Motion sensors
• Glass-break sensors
• Tilt sensors
• Driver’s side priority
• Auxiliary outputs