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By several estimates, back-up cameras can help prevent accidents.

kidsafe-imageWhat is the purpose of a rear view camera system?
They allow the driver to see behind the vehicle in the area, which mirrors alone cannot reach, also called the Blind Zone.

People don’t buy a new car for the back-up camera, but if they’ve driven one with the device, it’s hard to go back to doing without, says Fennell, founder and president of, which lobbied extensively for mandatory rear view technology. “I flip out if I have to get a rental car without it,” she says.

Back-up cameras send images to a display through wires inside the car. Automakers configure back-up cameras to transmit images to a vehicle’s built-in dashboard display or rear view mirror.

Can I buy your systems without installation?
Yes, although we recommend professional installation.

Will installing a backup camera system void my vehicles warranty?
No, installing a backup camera system or any aftermarket accessory or device will not void your vehicles manufactures factory warranty. In fact, it is illegal for a car dealer to deny warranty coverage because you have installed a backup camera system or any aftermarket accessory or device. The Federal Trade Commission, the nations consumer protection has issued a bulletin that explains your protections under the law (The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act) and legal your rights.

Click here to view a summary of the The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and a link to the text of the law. 

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