Ram Rebel Audio Upgrade

The Vehicle Specific Enclosure fits perfectly under the rear seat of this Ram, giving this client plenty of Bass while staying out of the way. A pair of Audio Control Amplifiers mounted to the back wall of the truck, are tucked away taking up no space. This client came to us [...]

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Sound meets safety, with hands-free control. Play music and use your smartphone on the road, just by talking This double-din AV center connects with your Apple or Android™ handset for effortless voice control while you drive. Built-in 4 x 55 W amplification delivers clear sound that you can customize to your liking.   [...]

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Mosconi Gladen DSP 8to12 Aerospace

Mosconi has been a solid parameter on the market for many years now, especially since they launched the DSP 6to8, which is also integrated into several of Mosconi’s DSP power amps. Now the next generation DSPs are lining up, based on a completely new platform. The new star in Mosconi’s product portfolio is the Gladen [...]

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Where to Mount Tweeters in a Car

Where is the Best Place to Mount Tweeters in a Car? Did you just purchase new component speakers and they came with a pair of tweeters? How do you know where to mount them? There isn't one solution. Every car is different, so the location of your tweeters can't all be the same either. However, [...]

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Marine Audio Installs

What to Consider when Upgrading your Marine Audio Sound Wave Customs is proud to carry Wet Sounds marine audio equipment. They deliver a crisp and clear sound that is unparalleled. If you're looking to upgrade, Sound Wave Customs can guide you through what you need to consider. Let's start with the obvious. What's the difference [...]

Speaker Types for Your Car Audio

Different Speaker Types: Considering your Options There are two main speaker types: full-range speakers and component speakers. Lets take a look at each. Full-range speakers Full-range speakers contain all of their elements in one basket. They have a woofer for all the lows, and a tweeter mounted to the woofer to produce the highs. Some [...]

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Buying New Car Speakers

Considerations When Buying New Car Speakers It used to be that a car came with one speaker mounted on the dashboard. In the 1950’s that was sufficient. But car sound systems have changed a lot since then. They now include amplifiers and multiple speakers straight from the factory. Since the 1970’s people have looked to [...]

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Creating a Custom Car Audio System

Custom Car Audio: Steps to Getting That Great Sound What’s it take to get the sound you expect out of your car audio install? Well, there’s a lot that goes into making your system create the right sound. Let’s look at some of the steps you should take to achieve the sound you want. Before [...]

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