The Vehicle Specific Enclosure fits perfectly under the rear seat of this Ram, giving this client plenty of Bass while staying out of the way.

A pair of Audio Control Amplifiers mounted to the back wall of the truck, are tucked away taking up no space.

This client came to us with his beautiful brand new 2019 Ram Rebel, the only thing this gorgeous truck was missing was killer audio.

After looking over the truck, we realized there were limited options available at this time for subwoofer enclosures. It turns out that some changes made to the body of this new truck has affected the space under the rear seat. This client’s truck was in the capable hands of our professionals who found him a sub box that not only for this truck but was also fitting of it’s style as well. We ordered the box specific for the two JL Audio Subwoofers the client had chosen to run.

We amplified the whole system with a pair of Audio Control amplifiers mounted securely to the back wall of he truck. The amplifiers take up no extra room in this truck and you would never even know that they were in the truck if not for the amazing sound they are helping to reproduce.

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